Pacific Parc's New Years Eve picture

Pacific Parc's New Years Eve

★ MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL NEW YEARS EVE ★ Kick in the new year rocknroll style baby! A hipshaking dancefloor, our best diskjock, two high energy bands and exciting side show acts. All in the great atmosphere of Pacific Parc - the only place where we dance all night without them darn computerbeats but with our signature cocktail of explosive rocknroll, soul and other humanoid-made swingers from vinyl ★ The Parkinsons ★ They're naked, they're loud, they're riotous and they want your soul. They are The Parkinsons and they are here to shoot you up with the passion that has been missing from your life for so long and inject the current music scene with a long overdue kick up its saggy arse. Sharing our love of outrageous and amoral behaviour combined sleazy rock'n'roll they're the pick to celebrate the years ending in Pacific Parc. ★ NEED ★ The sound of NEED sits somewhere in between Danzig and The Wipers, from melancholic to masculine. Combine this with the raw power of The Stooges and you have NEED. Know for theire energetic live shows and for a singer who in some circles is know as "the dutch Billy Idol" these guys will kickstart 2017 for sure. ★ DJ PROFUNDO P ★ Grab your baby by the hand and shake, boogie, twist and pogo into the new year with our top notch diskjock Profundo P! Your ears and hips won't be able to withstand the power of his collection of vinyl that has proven to fill the dancefloor time and time again. Raw Rock 'n Roll, 50's Rhythm & Blues, 60's Garage, Soul en 70's Powerpop en Ska and Rocksteady is what will be on the decks. ★ SIDESHOW ★ A great party needs more than just music and dancing. We spice up the party with some nice side shit: - Get some extra decoration to complete your party outfit at our schminck table. - Grab a tropical drink at the Tiki bar. - Let our troupe of freaks and fire eaters entertain you - Gogo dancers will show you some kickass dancemoves. ★ INFO ★ -Tickets presale 17,50 at the bar at Pacific Parc from december 10th. -Start 22:00 end late -This years party will be located exclusively in Pacific Parc itself. No big halls where you constanly lose your boyfriend this time, but one vibrant, action packed dancefloor. - Open air fireplace and smoking area.

Pacific Parc

31 December 2016 Saturday