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Superball 2017

We are very proud, after two successfull editions to announce the third edition of Superball! It will be bigger and better! We have a very special guest this year at Superball 2017; it's Charlie Hides from Rupaul's Drag Race season 9. She will be performing and be one of the judges. The houses that will participate at Superball 2017! 1. Queers Fancy Formation 2. The Trinity 3. The Headquarters 4. Mermaids Mansion 5. House of Ratchet 6. Maison Chérie 7. House of Katoi 8. The House of Hopelezz 9. House of Misfits 10. Lellebel Mansion AFTERPARTY (00.00-05.00 HR) Main hall: Kiddy Smile (FR) TWISM (NY) The G-Team MC Miss Bunty & MC DiVine Performances by: House of Vineyard & Miss Donna-Ray Jones Small room: hosted by FLIKKER DJ's Gloria Viagra & Sofia Valentine Hosted by Snorella WC Moustachella WC Concept by Jennifer Hopelezz. Organisation: Franz Zehenpfenning, Lorenzo Borella, Maayan Ben Gal & Peter van Vught. Superball 2017 Saturday 20th of May - Paradiso, Amsterdam Open: 20.00 - 05.00 hr Regular Tickets Superball + afterparty: 20,- euro Buy your tickets via AFTERPARTY Open: 00.00-05.00 hr Entrance: 12,50 euro Tickets for the afterparty: Questions? Send an mail to

Paradiso Amsterdam

20 May 2017 Saturday