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Mahler 5

Semyon Bychkov, conductor Programme Detlev Glanert - Theatrum bestiarum Gustav Mahler - Symphony No. 5 The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra is performing house composer Detlev Glanert’s Theatrum bestiarum for the third time. This preliminary study for his opera Caligula again attests to Glanert’s masterly ability to tell a dramatic story in orchestral music so effectively that it seems we can almost reach out and touch it. In this respect, he is most certainly a worthy descendant of Gustav Mahler, whose own Symphony No. 5 is hesitantly set in motion by a solo trumpet. Out of a fate motif recalling that other legendary Fifth Symphony (Beethoven’s), an epic emotional journey along high peaks and deep valleys unfolds. The work’s beating heart is the fourth movement, of which Willem Mengelberg wrote, ‘This Adagietto was Mahler’s declaration of love to Alma. Instead of a letter, he sent her this manuscript without further explanation. She understood him and wrote back, “Come!” (Both of them told me this story!).’

Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam

25 November 2016 Friday