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Summer Dance Forever presents: Theatre Forever, three dance performances by internationally renowned companies: Boots by Cie Philippe Almeida (FR), ClubbIN’ Club’OUT by Cie UDP/The Black Jack Clubbing project (UK/FR) and Fighting Spirit by Paradox-Sal (FR). Cie UDP/The Black Jack Clubbing Project – ClubbIN’ Club’OUT (UK/FR) Initiated by Eric ‘Rickysoul’ Braflan (O’Trip House, Quality Street) Black Jack Clubbing Project is a part of the Undergound Dance Providers Company. Alternating choreography and improvisation, the Black Jack Clubbing Project provides a unique fusion of: House Dance, Voguing, Hip-Hop and Waacking.The piece ClubbIN ‘Club’OUT explores the clubbing culture with several scenes depicting this world. Singular characters show their relation to underground music and their relation to each other. A piece where clubbing Culture is combined in past, present and future… Paradox-sal – Fighting Spirit (FR) In a choreography by Babson Ousmane Sy, the eight female dancers of Paradox-sal (FR) rise above their own expression and body language, so as to reach the liberty of style. When in touch with their own movements, the dancers translate what and who they are, embodying their powerful femininity. Through popping, locking, hype, top rock, new style, waacking, dancehall or any traditional African dance the dancers show that house dance offers endless possibilities of association. Compagnie Philippe Almeida - Boots (FR) Start 20.00hrs (until about 22.30hrs) Doors open 19.30hrs Tickets: 15,- Tickets CJP (Dutch culture card): 12,50 Tickets:

Paradiso Amsterdam

03 February 2017 Friday