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The OCCII is a venue for alternative and independent music at Amstelveenseweg 134, in Amsterdam, Netherlands.The organization is mostly run by volunteers and has its roots in the squatting movement; the building was squatted in 1984 and "legalized" in 1989. Next to the concert hall, as part of the Binnepret complex, there's also a café, a restaurant, a library, theatre for children, a bike workshop, a sauna, rehearsal studios, and a big courtyard.The building the OCCII resides in was built as a horse tram garage with stables in 1883-84 by architect Abraham Salm, who also designed the buildings where popular commercial venues Melkweg and Paradiso now operate.The OCCII has no central programming, instead there are several programming groups that set the agenda. Some of these groups are Le Club Suburbia, Hex, Muziek Kapot Moet, Spellbound, The Real Amsterdam Underground and Cool Schmool .