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Ganxsta Zolee (Hungary)

Elindult az őszi klubturné a K.O. lemezbemutató koncertekkel. Az új album számai mellett a kedvenc Kartel számokra is bulizhattok majd, és 20 év után visszatért a színpadra velünk LORY B! Ki ne hagyd! A K.O. albumot keresd a kijelölt MOL kutakon! Nightshift Promotions and Nemesis Promotions London present: Ganxsta Zolee Ganxsta Zolee és a Kartel plus support. Price: £15.00 adv. Doors: 6pm - 10pm **This show has moved from Saturday 16th September to Friday 8th December, original tickets remain valid!** ............................................................... About: Ganxsta Zolee does not have to be presented to anyone today. The nightmare of the daughters mummies, the most notorious teller of the country, who founded the Ganxsta Zolee and the Kartel band in 1995 and has been present in public life ever since. The more than 10 Kartel albums, the numerous professional and public prizes, as well as the many prestigious collaborations have come to fruition: if we say "boom in the head", Újpest, hockey, Finnish ice hockey, then we all talk about who we are talking to. His career as a rock drummer and then Zoli and his team behind the microphone was never famous, but it tells them a lot more than the fact that hundreds of concerts and press releases each year have only the really interesting faces. This cruel reality and this is how they fall in their songs: they are talking about bullying, the love of sport, or the revolt against the world's mistakes - so every one that helps a strict look, a loose streak or eternal rebellion against stupid things While, of course, not too seriously, almost anything in life, as it is already mandatory for such bad guys. Ganxsta Zolee and Kartel have been one of Hungary's most famous bands for almost two decades, while Ganxsta "Döglégy" Zolee has become an icon status for a few years ago among Hungarian gangster rap fans. In the Autumn of 2014 the band was joined by Takacs Vilmos "Vilko", Geroly Matyas and Kovacs David, who have since been full members of Kartel with their rock sounds on live performances. Until nowadays, the success story is clearly supported by the reaction of fans and audiences, which can be seen and felt by anyone during the concerts. We can boldly say that they are always showing the true, true Kartel mood: no artwork, only real, raw, whimsical manpower.

The Underworld Camden

08 December 2017 Friday